Terms of Use

At Leopaw we supply a lot of different services. Some of them will have specific terms tailored for them.If that is the case, Leopaw's contract with you for that service will be on these terms, supplemented by any terms specific to the service. In the case of any conflict, service specific terms will take precedence.

We process personal data in accordance with our privacy policy. As part of this agreement you consent to our doing so. You should read the policy carefully, especially if you have any concerns about your privacy.

If you believe there may be illegal content hosted on our web services please let us know at info(at)leopaw.com

While we are proud of the information we provide to the world for free and try to make them reliable and useful, we make no promises about them. All informations are certain to fail some of the time. We adapt and change our services from time to time, so you may find that something that worked for you may cease to work. We may also stop supplying any service, temporarily or permanently or block access to our services to anyone for any reason.

What you agree

You agree not to use our websites to do any of the following:

  • Anything which is illegal either where you are in the world, or where we are.
  • Cause nuisance to other users of our services.
  • Interfere with the normal running of our services.
  • Try to access our systems in a way other than those advertised by us and, in particular, to use a web crawler

Some of our services require you to create an account in order to make certain kinds of, or any, use of the service. All our accounts are subject to the following rules.

You must be at least 16 years old and a human being.

If asked for any personal details, you must answer truthfully. You must supply us with a valid e-mail address.

You are responsible for the security of your accounts and making sure that any contact details in the account are kept up to date. If we need to contact you but are unable to do so, for example because your e-mail address is no longer valid, then any consequences of that failure will be your responsibility.

You must not let anyone else use your account. If pressure is applied to you to do so — for example if an employer demands your username and password — please inform them that their attempt to subvert your agreement with us will mean that they have no permission to use any of our services. We may take action, including criminal prosecution, if they use our services using an account they have obtained in this way.

  • You must let us know of any unauthorised use of your account as soon as you are able to after becoming aware of it.

We may suspend or terminate your account at any time, if you do some illegal activities or do something that work against our terms of use. Equally, you may close your account at any time

By registering as a member, you are acknowledging your connection to us. You are subject to any rules for members we may publish and we may send you email messages we think appropriate for members, for example in order to poll you on some important issue.

If you contribute content to any of our services, for example by commenting on a blog, then as a general rule you agree to licence that content to us under the same licence as prevails for that service or website.
For example: any comment you make on the blog, which is licensed under a CC-BY licence, will be licensed to us under the same licence.

For uploading personal data exist another rules. More information to this case you can find in our privacy policy.

You may not use our content on this site. The methods of this kind of work grow up the last few years through personal development, thus it is intellectual property.

If you breach any of your obligations under this agreement and, as a result, cause us to be sued by anyone else, you will have to compensate us for any loss we have suffered as a result, which includes any costs, such as paying lawyers, or for our own time, we incur defending a claim as well as any damages awarded.
If your breach causes you to be sued by someone else, you will not sue us for any loss you suffer as a result.

We exclude, in so far as we are allowed, any warranties that would be implied by law.

We may update these terms and conditions at any time. If we do so, we will announce the change on our blog or by sending an e-Mail. Any changes will be binding on you from the moment we announce them.

These final terms should go without saying, but we are saying them anyway just to be clear.
If any part of this agreement is ineffective (for example because it is unlawful) then the rest of the agreement should be read without it.
This agreement is between you and us and is not intended to give anyone else any rights.
We may sometimes fail to enforce our rights under this agreement (for example because we decide not to, or we did not realise you were in breach of contract). Just because we have not enforced any of our rights, does not stop us from doing so in the future.

Neither party is liable for anything which is beyond their reasonable control.